Reopening with limited capacity on June 5th!
Game Of Zones

About Us

Game of Zones is a family owned business with a vision of uniting Family, Friends and Fun in South Florida while providing a clean and safe environment for the community. The company has the mission of delivering memorable immersive experiences with the latest attractions from the Family Entertainment Industry.

All management and staff at Game of Zones follow a simple set of Core Values:

  • Respect for People – We treat all customers and colleagues with kindness, respect, and a smile while doing so.

  • Teamwork – We find solutions together and help each other.

  • Safety – We care for every person to be safe at all times.  We don’t accept violence in any terms, physically and/or verbally.

  • Community – We serve our community as if they are our family.

  • Awareness – We pay attention to everything because ours is a detail-oriented business.

  • Fun Factor – We will only deliver the best fun experience if we, too, enjoy what we are doing!

  • Fun Factor – We will only deliver the best fun experience if we, too, enjoy what we are doing!

The Owners: Ravi and Clara got married and moved to South Florida in 2014. With the arrival of their first child and facing the new family lifestyle changes, they decided to drop their careers in IT and Advertising and build a business together that was meaningful to their own lifestyle. Having been a part of volunteering organizations involved with youth while looking for places themselves to have family fun, they saw a great opportunity. It took them lots of focus, planning, and passion (3 years to be exact) until they were finally able to call Game of Zones their second home. They hope it can be yours, too!
And if you are wondering, yes, they are huge fans of Game of Thrones. Nothing like a tribute! 

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