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Not Your Average Bumper Cars

As you might guess using their name, these unique bumper cars are made to spin around in circles when they are hit. This adds a new element of fun on the ride. Instead of just bumping into people and sitting there, you can bump into people and send their car into a fast spin. Unlike traditional bumper cars which are actually in the shape of cars, Spin Zone cars are totally round as an inner tube. In the middle of the car, there is a seat the location where the driver sits. On either sides of this seat, there are handheld controls that allow you to steer the vehicle around. The cars can be hit inside the 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock positions. Target these spots on your opponents’ cars to send them into a spin. Concurrently, you need to avoid letting your automobile get hit in these spots…unless, needless to say, you would like to enjoy the thrill of your spin!


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